The Black Rider

The Black Rider was a musical theatre production by Rogaland Theatre, produced in 2014, and based on the musical by Robert Wilson, Tom Waits and William S. Burroughs. It was performed at the theatre's maiin stage.

Rolf Alme directed it.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 25, 2014
Produced by Rogaland Theatre
Based on The Black Rider by Robert Wilson, Tom Waits, Tom Waits, William Seward Burroughs
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Musical
Running period January 25, 2014  —  March 15, 2014
Duration Approximately two hours
Website Rogaland Teater

At the webpage of Rogaland Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Black Rider:

"The Black Rider is the story about Wilhelm, a young accountant who falls in love with the daughter of the forester. But in order to marry her he must first prove himself to be an able hunter. Unfortunately, poor Wilhelm has never fired a rifle, so his chances of winning his chosen one are slim. But then he receives an offer he can't refuse - from a young man who arrives in a black sports car and calls himself The Devil. Wilhelm is given some magic bullets that always hit their target.


The Black Rider is based on the German fairytale Der Freischütz, but William S. Burroughs has included some autobiographical elements in his version. In 1951 Burroughs killed his wife while trying to shoot a glass of water off her head, in an attempt to recreate the Wilhelm Tell myth."


Rogaland Theatre,, 10.03.2014,

Import from the list of openings 27/11-2013

Contributors (20)
Name Role
William Seward Burroughs – Author
Robert Wilson – Playwright
Tom Waits – Songlyrics
Rolf Alme – Direction
Anders Brunvær Hauge – Musical direction
Tom Waits – Composer
Nina Godtlibsen – Dramaturge
Rolf Alme – Stage design
Rolf Alme – Costume design
Haakon Espeland – Lighting design
Mette Arnstad – Actor (Anne, Bertrams kone)
Anders Dale – Actor (Hertugen)
Helga Guren – Actor (Kätchen, Bertrams datter)
Roar Kjølv Jenssen – Actor (Bertram, skogvokteren)
Kristian Berg Jåtten – Actor (Robert, en ung jeger)
Piotr Misztela – Actor (Peg Leg- the devil)
Hugo Mikal Skår – Actor (Wilhelm, en kontorist)
Anders Brunvær Hauge – Répétiteur
Stig Håvard Dirdal – Photo
Henrik Tangen – Videodesign
Performance dates
January 25, 2014 18:00 – Hovedscenen, Rogaland Teater Opening night
Press coverage

Lillian Bikset, Dagbladet, Review called Rusens logikk (literally: The logic of intoxication), January 25 2014:

"In The Black Rider the dramaturgy follows the course of intoxication: The first act is performed as on an increasing high, without worry, without responsibility, Dionysian and wild. After the break the downturn follows. Fun is over, the nightmare has started. Now one discovers what the choices cost, but now is too late, because they have long been made, and the cost must be paid. The sombre undertone, the one unheard in the dim of ecstasy in the first part, becomes more explicit and more disturbing."