The Hulder

Premiére date14 Nov. 2013
Produced byThe Norwegian Theatre
Based onHaugtussa by Arne Garborg
AudienceAdults, Youth (from 13)
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
ExpressionsTheatre, Poetry event
Running period14 Nov. 2013  
Duration60 minutter
WebsiteDet Norske Teatret, Det Norske Teatret

About The Hulder

The Hulder was a production by The Norwegian Theatre, produced in 2013 and based on the book by Arne Garborg.

The script has been written by Ane Dahl Torp, who also performs the text, and has directed the production with Erik Ulfsby.

Torp's husband, Sjur Miljeteig, is responsible for the music.

Ane Dahl Torp won the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar 2014 for her efforts in The Hulder.

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More about The Hulder

At the webpage of The Norwegian Theatre the following, among other things, is written about The Hulder:

"Ane Dahl Torp has dealt with Arne Garborg's great and captivating poetry cycle about The Hulder. She has cut and pasted the text, and now she wants to re-illuminate the mysterious and clairvoyant Veslemøy, in interaction with composer and trumpeter Sjur Miljeteig. Together they have made a musical storytelling theatre performance, flirting with the dark from the rock stage.

Fairytale for adults
The Hulder discusses the subconscious, the desires and wildness of the human mind. It is about the shepherd girl Veslemøy, who one very early morning is visited by her late sister. She tells Veslemøy that she has a heavy road ahead of her - she is clairvoyant, and doomed to see what others don't.

During the performance she meets dead people and supernatural creatures, evil forces within and outside of herself. And she meets love for the first time- and the great pain. But from the mountain allures the Mountain King, who promises her all good things...

Fascinating and alluring
The Hulder from 1895 is a lyrical, Neo-Romantic opus magnum of Norwegian literature. Veslemøy has awoken fascination in artists for more than hundred years. Among the artists who have formerly found inspiration in the work are Edvard Grieg, Håkon Bleken and Ketil Bjørnstad."

Ane Dahl Torp won the memorial award of Aksel Waldemar 2014 for her efforts in The Hulder.

The jury gave the following reason:

"The New Norwegian award is an award of encouragement, going to theatre workers who does an extra fine effort for New Norwegian as a language of performing arts and as such contribute to strengthen our linguistic minority culture. Rather often the award has been given to actors who through a long life onstage have gone far in perfecting their linguistic expression. Because of this it is an extra joy in this time giving the award to a rather young performer, an actress with clear opinions on and great interest for the distinctness of the stage language. Without fear she has attacked one of the greatest classics of New Norwegian, Arne Garborg's poetry cycle The Hulder, and created a modern expression for Veslemøy's imagination-bewildered love madness.

The New Norwegian Award goes to Ane Dahl Torp."


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