Poppea (2009) by Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt: Poppea is one of the strongest female characters of Antiquity - she who has fought her way up through the hierarchy to becoming the emperor's wife. Poppea is inspired by Monteverdi's opera of the same name.


(Objekt ID 364)
Object type Production
Premiere May 8, 2009
Produced by Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Chamber play, Contemporary dance, Classical ballet
Running period May 8, 2009  
Duration One hour without internission
Website Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt, Hålogaland Teater

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 10m
Maximum stage width 12m
Minimum stage depth 9m
Maximum stage depth 12m
Minimum stage height 6m
Maximum stage height 8m
Lights requirements yes
Audio requirements Yes
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 720 minutes
Downrigging time 120 minutes
Other Gray dance floor, german set, black curtains. We nned two light techncians for get in

The woman's power play is vulnerable and exposed in another manner than is the man's. And what tension arises when the male appropriates the female, and femininity dons the mask of masculinity? Who is whose victim? When androgyny leads to concealment, all the usual rules of play are altered. How do we fulfil the dreams that are ever larger than ourselves? And what happens as we fail, in our own eyes and in the eyes of others?

In a chamber play involving some of Norway's best dancers, the playful search for the beauty found in imperfection continued.

Poppea by Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt was supported by Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts).


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Contributors (16)
Name Role
Ingun Bjørnsgaard – Concept/Idea
Ingun Bjørnsgaard – Choreography
Geir Jenssen – Composition
Geir Jenssen – Music
Morten Pettersen – Music
Kai Johnsen – Dramaturge
Thomas Björk – Stage design
Thomas Björk – Costume design
Morten Pettersen – Sound design
Hans Jaran Skogen – Lighting design
Mattias Ekholm – Dancer
Erik Rulin – Dancer
Aleksandra Sende – Dancer
Lone Torvik – Dancer
Ida Wigdel – Dancer
Kirre Arneberg – Producer
Performance dates
December 3, 2010 21:00 – Moderna Dansteatern, MDT Show
September 9, 2010 20:00 – Store Carl Show
September 8, 2010 20:00 – Store Carl Show
June 10, 2010 19:30 – Scene Vest, Hålogaland Teater, The Arctic Theatre Show
June 9, 2010 19:30 – Scene Vest, Hålogaland Teater, The Arctic Theatre Show
April 15, 2010 19:30 – Palladium, Dansstationen Show
April 14, 2010 19:30 – Palladium, Dansstationen Show
April 12, 2010 19:00 – Moderna Dansteatern, MDT Show
April 11, 2010 16:00 – Moderna Dansteatern, MDT Show
April 8, 2010 18:00 – Atalante Show
April 7, 2010 18:00 – Atalante Show
May 8, 2009Hovedscenen, Dansens Hus Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Press coverage

"Poppea is a victory for Norwegian dance.... The ethereal flirtatiousness that has been Bjørnsgaard's trademark has now receded into the background and what emerges is an expression that is consistently eloquent, and at the same time, more focused on pure dance." Inger-Margrethe Lunde (2009, 11.05). Poppea is a victory for Norwegian dance.