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An oil adventure/fairytale

An oil adventure/fairytale (2013) is a production by Livestock, developed in collaboration with Karen Skog Orchestra.

The production finds its idea material in the Norwegian oil industry.

Livestock was in this project represented by Tijmen Legemaate, Hanna Barfod and Susanne Irene Fjørtoft.
Karen Skog Orchestra is the name of Karen Skog's art project, in which she, Sivert Nikolai Nesbø and Erik Andreas Røkland play wooden instruments they have created.


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Object type Production
Premiere 2013
Produced by ,
Audience Adults
Running period 2013  
Website bit teatergarasjen, LIVESTOCK

At the webpage of BIT Teatergarasjen the following, among other things, is written about An oil adventure/fairytale:

"In the depths of The North Sea the prime of the past is yet again pumped full of life. Troll, Snorre and Heidrun have risen from the depths and float slowly, but certainly into today's narrative about the oil nation Norway.

As a post-modern response to Asbjørnsen and Moe Livestock examines its own role in the Norwegian contemporary age, in which the phenomena of the Norwegian oil adventure has long connected industry and politics with art and culture. Almost all the fields in the Norwegian continental shelf have names related to Norwegian history, mythology or traditional tales. What is created in such a melting pot of art, culture, Norwegian identity and oil?

Between fact, fiction, myths and their own experiences the artists of Livestock want to create a poetic and musical business presentation, in which questions about who we are and who we were as a nation are not too straight-forward. And... what does any of this have to do with oil, or theatre, for that sake?

The project is developed in collaboration with Karen Skog Orchestra, whose sound image is different than any other orchestra. The musicians play self-constructed wooden instruments they have built solemnly from visual knowledge and with the materials they had available."

An oil adventure/fairytale was supported by: Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists, TOU Scene and the municipality of Bergen.

The artists also want to thank The Norwegian Petroleum Museum.


BIT Teatergarasjen, bit-teatergarasjen.no, 17.09.2013, http://bit-teatergarasjen.no/sesongprogram/meteor-2013-livestock-norge-et-oljeeventyr/

Facebook, 17.10.2013, https://www.facebook.com/events/209579302396531/

Import from the list of openings, from Scenekunst.no 24/09-2013

Contributors (3)
Name Role
Hanna Barfod – Main producer
Susanne Irene Fjørtoft – Main producer
Tijmen Legemaate – Main producer
Performance dates
October 18, 2013 19.30 – Studio USF, USF Verftet Show
October 17, 2013 19.30 – Studio USF, USF Verftet Show
2013 Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
METEOR October 17, 2013