Listen for the body of the other - on choreography, relations and diversity

A lecture titled Kunst, Sted og Offentlighet (Art, Place and Public) by Solveig Gade (Denmark) in the seminar series Listen for the body of the other - on choreography, relations and diversity during Oktoberdans 2008. The lecture was based in a summary and critical discussion of a number of central art theoretic positions regarding the correlation between art, public and the site-specific.


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Based in the above and with a particular focus on the correlation between including and excluding Gade will in her lecture Art, Place and Public take a closer look at Christoph Schlingensief and Center for Urbanitet og Dialog’s attempt at creating temporary rooms for a critical public in a series of relationally oriented and site-specific projects, among other things. Her lecture will link theoretic reflections to one of the projects of Oktoberdans 2008, Dans til folket ("Dance to the People"), taking place in different public locations in Bergen.

Solveig Gade has a cand.mag degree in Nordic languages and literature. The spring of 2008 she delivered her Ph.D thesis titled "Rammen om værket i verden – relationelle og intervenerende strategier i samtidskunsten" (The frame around the art work in the world – relational and intervening strategies of contemporary art) by the University in Copenhagen.

Solveig Gade has written articles on contemporary theatre and art in the anthology "Performative Realism" and for the journals Kritik, Glänta, Peripeti and 3t - tidsskrift for teori og teater, among other places. Gade was a co-editor for the journal Teater 1 from 2000-2004 and since 2005 she has been a co-editor for the journal Peripeti. She is an employee at the University of Copenhagen and is also employed as a dramaturge at The Royal Danish Theatre.


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Solveig Gade – Other
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October 31, 2008 13:00 – KHiB, Foredragssalen i 3 etg, Marken , Oktoberdans – Other
Oktoberdans October 31, 2008