Listen for the body of the other - on choreography, relations and diversity

A lecture by Tang Fu Kuen from Singapore in the seminar series Listen for the body of the other - on choreography, relations and diversity during Oktoberdans 2008.

Tang Fu Kuen is a dramaturge, critic, curator and festival leader from Singapore. He works on developing arts programs for Southeast-Asia for Seameo-Spafa, Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts in Bangkok. Han curated and arranged Dance Eco Asia (2000) and has worked on Singapore Festival.


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In 2008 Tang Fu Kuen curated Indonesian Dance Festival, taking place in October.

Fu Kuen has studied media and culture theory at Goldsmiths College by the University of London and theatre and literature at National University in Singapore.

Since the end of the 1990es he has written dance critic under the alias Deng Fuquan for The Arts Magazine, Singapore's main newspaper The Straits Times and Arts Journal in Taiwan. Tang Fu Kuen is a writer for the magazines Ballet Tanz and Performance Research and was among the founders of the webpage Raft – a temporary platform for contemporary questions (

In his texts he expresses clear ideas on interculturalism within dance and performance seen from an Asian point of view. He is a connoisseur of contemporary dance in Europe and Asia and works on and for a greater exchange of dance and performance between the two continents. In 2008 Fu Kuen had his base in Seoul. In his Oktoberdans lecture he presented the tendencies within Asia's art.


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Tang Fu Kuen – Other
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October 23, 2008 13:00 – Hordaland Kunstsenter
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, Oktoberdans – Other
Oktoberdans October 23, 2008