Peder Påske

Premiére date2 Feb. 2011
Produced byThe National Stage
Based onPeder Påske by Gunnar Staalesen, Atle Halstensen, Karianne Jæger, Tarjei Vatne
ExpressionsMusical, Comedy
Running period2 Feb. 2011  
Duration2 timer, 15 minutter

About Peder Påske

Peder Påske (2011) was a musical theatre production by The National Stage, based on a script by Gunnar Staalesen, who also wrote several of the lyrics. The basis was the Bergen stories by Hans Wiers-Jenssen. Atle Halstensen, Karianne Jæger and Tarjei Vatne wrote music for the production. Vatne also wrote some of the lyrics. The production was performed at The National Stage's main stage, Store Scene.

Svein Sturla Hungnes directed it.

Atle Halstensen was the musical director.

Bjørn Willberg Andersen, Frode Rasmussen and Eirik del Barco Soleglad acted in central roles.

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    Press review

    Lillian Bikset, Bergen, Europa (literally: Bergen, Europe), Dagbladet February 12 2011:

    "The Bergen comedy is a genre of its own in Norwegian theatre. It is usually set during the time when the merchant city of Bergen was the economic powerhouse of Norway. The fundamental attitude is a mix of nostalgia, initiative, inferiority complex and megalomania. The characters belong to the bourgeoisie, including outsiders who either don't understand the codes or are not willing to accept them. The target group is anyone who thinks the greatest mistake in Norwegian history was moving the capital to Oslo. The vocabulary is rich, and the humour ranges from the general via Holberg tributes to references so local only those with Bergen r-s can fully appreciate them. (...) Svein Sturla Hungnes' direction borrows freely from European street theatre traditions, which at one and the same time seems up-to-date, right for its (Hansa) age and as a signifier for Bergen's position as Norway's most European city. The same cosmopolitan attitude is reflected in the music by Halstensen, Jæger and Vatne."

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