Premiére date24 Oct. 2003
Produced byBaktruppen
Number of events22
ExpressionsStreet theatre, Installation, Musical theatre, Performance, Post-dramatic theatre, Theatre, Comedy, Concert
Running period24 Oct. 2003  —  29 Jun. 2007
Duration1 hour


FUNNYSORRYJESUS (2003) by Baktruppen: The audience is sitting inside with the altar wine watching Baktruppen perform in the street outside.

FUNNYSORRYJESUS is a performance the way only Baktruppen did make them: In a seemingly loose and fragmentary form the audience experienced a surprising version of Bible History. Baktruppen consumed flesh and blood and went to heaven and back in less than one hour. What more can one say? Hallelujah?

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Press review

Amund Grimstad, 16.02.2006, Klassekampen [Oslo]:
"And suddenly incredibly comical theatre arises from unknowing passing extras. [...] If it is us, themselves or the theatre they make fun of, I am not the one to say, but this far this was not very impressive. But then The Bible was put on the table, and we got sort of a short version of Creating, the Fall, Moses, the Last Supper and the Ascension. This is Life of Brian as street theatre, this is refreshingly daring use of effects, unexpected gags and intelligent humour in the best Monty Python tradition."

Ruth Hege Halstensen, 24.09.2006, Bergen Arbeiderblad [Bergen]:
"Baktruppen will not join anybody's team. They mock the most - and the audience loves it."

Trygve Lundemo, 04.02.2006, Adresseavisen [Trondheim]:
"More crazy or absurd theatre than Baktruppen makes, is hard to find. Much funnier can it not be, either." 

Örjan Abrahamsson, 25.09.2004, Dagens Nyheter [Sverige]:
"People hurry to bars, eat chips, talk on the phone and fleet around in a general manner, when they all of a sudden catch a glimpse of us, the audience, and realise they are mid-stage! These kinds of moments prolong life."


"Drink now! This is my blood, the blood of the act, and it's running in abundance, for everyone who has anything to hide"

FUNNYSORRYJESUS begins with the creation of the world and the Fall, continues with Moses and it ends with the last supper, followed by the crucifixion and the ascension of Jesus. Songs about asphalt and listening to the ground are sung, Jesus is sent ascending with fireworks, while the trivial happenings of the street and the buzzing of sewer pipes become part of the performance. Baktruppen ready-makes the world by conspicuous absence and God-like presence. FUNNYSORRYJESUS offers a sectional view of life: if you don't look out, it will pass unnoticed.

FUNNYSORRYJESUS is a fusion of all the performances in the trilogy, consisting of FUNNY, FUNNYSORRY and FUNNYSORRYJESUS, made to be performed outside the windows in Baktruppen’s office in Dælengata in Oslo, the autumn of 2003.

In February 2006 FUNNYSORRYJESUS was performed in the street outside the café of Avant Garden (TAG) in Trondheim, with the audience sitting inside the café.

FUNNYSORRYJESUS by Baktruppen won the performing arts award of Performing Arts Hub Norway 2003. From the reason the board gave:

"Assisted by simple effects Baktruppen manages time and time again to initiate complex forming of opinions. Regularly we also allow ourselves to get impressed by the company's ability to renew itself, its ability to stay contemporary. The window performances in Dælenggata were utterly simple in expression: Somebody watches somebody do something - within a frame, in this case outside of a window. One could almost call it a trivial performance situation. Chances are this form could have remained trivial if it wasn't Baktruppen taking it in hand. Few artists in this country - if any at all - know as well as Baktruppen how to master the point zero of theatre in such a refined way as Baktruppen does."

FUNNYSORRYJESUS was supported by Arts Council Norway.


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