Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning* (Telemakos/Home Interiors)

Premiére date11 Mar. 2005
Produced byTeatret Vårt (Our Theatre)
Based onTelemakos by Jon Fosse
Audience size491
Number of events10
LanguageNorwegian Nynorsk
Running period11 Mar. 2005  

About Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning* (Telemakos/Home Interiors)

Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning* (Telemakos/Home Interiors) (2005) was a theatre production by Teatret Vårt (Our Theatre), consisting of two one-act plays.

Telemakos was the world premiere of Jon Fosse's one-act play by the same title, whereas Hjemmeinnredning* (Home Interiors) was devised by the ensemble.

Carl Morten Amundsen directed both one-act plays.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

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Performance dates

  • 11 Mar. 2005 - Worldwide premiere
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    More about Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning* (Telemakos/Home Interiors)

    Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning* (Telemakos/Home interiors) by Teatret Vårt had its world premiere in Ålesund March 11 2005.

    The production was no audience success. Only 491 spectators saw it, ending in ticket revenue of 37 640 NOK.

    In its annual report for 2005 the theatre wrote the following:

    "Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning was a brave experiment, and despite a mostly successful artistic result and acceptable newspaper reviews the audience stayed away. The theatre quickly decided that the planned tour with this production would not be realised. Because of this the touring in 2005 is reduced compared to former years.


    Telemakos/Hjemmeinnredning became the down of the spring. Not for that. The reviews were not bad at all. One may sum it up in saying one came pretty far artistically/professionally. The audience didn't want to see this production. The number of spectators and the numbers of the accounts tell a clear story.

    Audience failure is a dangerous thing in a theatre venue because it is so easily followed by others. Pessimism or a kind of depression spreads in the whole theatre when the audience doesn't show up. And the confidence between audience and theatre can easily be damaged."


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    *Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.