Spor gjennom ingenmannsland* (Traces through No man's land)

Spor gjennom ingenmannsland* (Traces through No man's land) (2009) was a production made in collaboration between Regional State Archives in Trondheim (project owner), the municipal archives in Trøndelag (IKA), NTNU Library, the city archives of Trondheim, and the freelancers/project leaders Erik Schøyen and Lene Helland Rønningen.

Spor gjennom ingenmannsland is a production for youth, about boundaries. Those you make for yourself, and those made for you by others, perhaps without your knowledge of it. Sometimes they are logical, other times idiotic. In war it may cost lives to cross the boundaries drawn. Should one test them and bend them, or keep to them? What do you do when you find yourself placed between two worlds?

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 32279)
Object type Production
Premiere March 2, 2009
Produced by ,
Audience Youth
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Wandering Theatre, Performance for youth
Running period March 2, 2009  
Website Spor gjennom ingenmannsland

In the flier for Spor gjennom ingenmannsland* (Traces through No man's land) the following, among other things, is written:

"It is meaningless to be expelled from a shopping centre because one has no money - but imagine if you were chased out of Trondheim because your parents are who they are? Are you not supposed to be evaluated for and stand up for one's own opinions if one has a grandmother from another country?

Spor gjennom ingenmannsland is a wandering theatre production performed in a submarine bunker built by Germans during World War II. Dora is built in massive concrete and filled with secret and unusual rooms. The archive storage rooms are here. You are allowed to enter and to sneak around among old papers and tens of thousands of stories.

Material found in the Dora archives, and help from reference groups from the lower secondary school of Åsheim and the upper secondary school of Ringve have made it possible for us to improvise forth this production."

The production was revived the autumn of 2009, and performed with The Cultural Rucksack in Trondheim and the county of Sør-Trøndelag for lower secondary and upper secondary school pupils. It was also performed twice during the Nordic archive seminar Nordiske Arkivdager, plus once for an open audience.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, the municipality of Trondheim, The Fund for Performing Artists,The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, the county of  Sør-Trøndelag, Dora AS and Constructor. 


The archive centre of Dora, arkvisenteret.no, 09.11.2012, http://www.arkivsenteret.no/nettutstillinger/spor_gjennom_ingenmannsland/

E-mail from Lene Helland Rønningen, 08.11.2012

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.

Performance dates
September 24, 2009Arkivsenteret Dora extra performance
March 2, 2009Arkivsenteret Dora Worldwide premiere