Borders of behavior - suddenly closed

Borders of behavior - suddenly closed (2012) is a production by Molitrix Scenekunst. 

Borders of behavior - suddenly closed is a dance production about borders and identity. The global situation is characterised by war, conflicts, migration and economic unbalance. Molitrix Scenekunst examines how borders and limitations connected to power take part in shaping our identities.


(Objekt ID 32144)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 8, 2012
Produced by Molitrix Scenekunst
Audience Adults
Expressions Contemporary dance
Running period Navember 8, 2012  

Borders of behavior - suddenly closedby Molitrix Scenekunst was supported byArts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists, the county of Rogaland, the municipality of Stavanger, the Capital of Culture fund (Kulturbyfondet), the municipality of Sandnes and DansiS.


Press release from Molitrix Scenekunst, 30.10.2012

Contributors (17)
Name Role
Linda Merete Birkedal – Choreography
Kjetil Bjøreid Aabø – Music
Line Horneland – Music
Linda Merete Birkedal – Stage design
Per Dahlen – Stage design
Linda Merete Birkedal – Costume
Per Dahlen – Costume
Eirik Folkedal – Dancer
Marie Ronold Mathisen – Dancer
Erikk McKenzie – Dancer (pre-produksjon)
Shi Pratt – Dancer (pre-produksjon)
Lene Stenseth – Dancer
Ida Rue Timmermann – Dancer
Ida Rue Timmermann – Dancer (pre-produksjon)
Elin Osjord – Photo
Grethe Bekkevold – Other (Kunstformidler)
Ingunn Sira Myhre – Other (Filosof)
Performance dates
Navember 8, 2012Scene 1
  • )
– Worldwide premiere