Down in the moss, human!

Down in the moss, human! (2010) was a site-specific production with dance, music, text and video. Down in the moss, human! was performed in the restaurant of Hvalstrand Bad in Asker with the outside surroundings as an active part of the performance.

The artists behind Down in the moss, human! ask whether young people live with a divide between nature and culture? Or is there sensibility and contemplation for this in young people?

Marianne Skjeldal produced the production.


(Objekt ID 32070)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 2, 2010
Produced by
Audience Youth (from 16 to 19)
Number of events 5
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance for youth, Site spesific performance, Dance, Music, Video, Multidisciplinary, Performance
Running period Navember 2, 2010  —  Navember 5, 2010
Website Ned i mosen med deg, menneske!

At the webpage for Down in the moss, human! the following, among other things, is written about the production:

"Down in the moss, human! is a production using dance, music, text and video. The different expressions are interwoven in tableaus and small stories in which the participants enter and exit different situations. The production is both humorous and with more sombre, existential undercurrents. Everything is connected to the theme, in the intersection between nature and culture. The production is not a 'back to the nature' project, but one reflecting upon the reality we live in."


E-mail from Sabina Jacobsson, 18.10.2012

Down in the moss, human!,, 23.10.2012,

Contributors (8)
Name Role
Øystein Elle – Co-creator
Sabina Jacobsson – Co-creator
Ebba Johansson – Co-creator
Ingrid Moberg – Co-creator
Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson – Co-creator
Marianne Skjeldal – Co-creator
Karstein Solli – Co-creator
Toril Solvang-Kayambakis – Co-creator
Performance dates
May 30, 2013Studioscenen, Dansens Hus, Oslo Show
Navember 5, 2010 17:00 – Hvalstrand Bad Show
Navember 5, 2010 20:30 – Hvalstrand Bad Show
Navember 4, 2010Hvalstrand Bad Show
Navember 3, 2010Hvalstrand Bad Show
Navember 2, 2010Hvalstrand Bad Worldwide premiere