When Clarity Visits - by Club Guy and Roni

Original titleWhen Clarity Visits
Premiére date4 Nov. 2009
Produced byCarte Blanche, Club Guy & Roni
ExpressionsContemporary dance
Duration90 minutes

About When Clarity Visits

When Clarity Visits by Carte Blanche is a dance production with choreography by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver.

In 2009 Carte Blanche introduced the choreographer duo Guy Weizman and Roni Haver to the Norwegian dance audience. When Clarity Visits is a dance production searching for the child inside the adult. How has the childhood shaped the adult, and how does it influence adult life? Is it comforting, or perhaps disturbing?

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    More about When Clarity Visits

    When Clarity Visits was made on commission, aiming for an expressive dance experience in the meeting between Weizman and Haver's choreography and Carte Blanche's physically strong and technically apt dancers.

    Through a visually powerful stage design, newly composed music and the West Norwegian designer Siv Støldal's personal approach to the dancers' attire reshape mental processes into dance expressions. In psychology, the inner child is a term describing the childish aspect of the psyche, referring to the earliest emotional memories and experiences.

    "Memories are an evasive matter. Trying to capture it generates strong imagery and intense emotions, an emotional rollercoaster and a visual pleasure", Guy Weizman has said.


    BIT Teatergarasjen, autumn program 2009. 10.08.2010:  http://www.bit-teatergarasjen.no -arkiv