Stockholm (2011) was a theatre production by Memento, based on the play by Bryony Lavery.

Monica Borg Fure directed it.


(Objekt ID 31788)
Object type Production
Premiere December 15, 2011
Produced by
Based on Stockholm by Bryony Lavery
Audience Adults
Keywords Theatre, Physical theatre, Dance
Running period December 15, 2011  

At the webpage of Memento the following, among other things, is written about Stockholm:

"Stockholm raises an eternally relevant issue, love, that is, but the play discusses the difficult part of live, the one it is often hard to name. What happens when you and I suddenly become we? What happens to us when we no longer manage, want to, or wish to operate outside of an 'Us'? Do we see it when it happens? How can we prevent it from happening to us, with somebody we know? Is there objectivity in a relationship, or will we forever remain subjective? If so, how can we know where we are as humans, as individuals, as a pair?

Stockholm examines a love affair as a potential Stockholm syndrome, in other words, a psychological phenomenon in which the perpetrator and the victims in a kidnapping situation sympathise with one another, and in which the victims eventually develop negative emotions towards those who try to save them from the situation."

Source:,, 13.10.2012,

Contributors (8)
Name Role
Bryony Lavery – Playwright
Monica Borg Fure – Direction
Ingvild Marie Lien – Choreography
Mads Henning Skar-Jørgensen – Sound
Kristjan Belgau – Light
Ingvild Marie Lien – Actor (Kali)
Stig Zeiner – Actor (Todd)
Kristin Aafløy Opdan – Photo
Performance dates
December 18, 2011Sorialab, Soria Laboratoria Show
December 17, 2011Sorialab, Soria Laboratoria Show
December 16, 2011Sorialab, Soria Laboratoria Show
December 15, 2011Sorialab, Soria Laboratoria Opening night