Electric Birds

Electric Birds (2006) was a production by Katrine Bølstad Kompani.


(Objekt ID 31413)
Object type Production
Premiere March 8, 2006
Produced by
Coproducers The Arctic Theatre
Audience Adults, Youth, Families
Expressions Dance theatre
Running period March 8, 2006  
Website KATRINE BØLSTAD KOMPANI, Hålogaland Teater

At the webpage of Katrine Bølstad Kompani the following, among other things, is written about Electric Birds:

"In Electric Birds a story about different family relations is told from the perspective of a little boy. [...] Electric boogie techniques create a kind of cartoon-like aesthetic, making the story easy to understand and fun to watch. You may recognise the style from the music video for Dødssøt by Ravi and DJ Løv. [...]

The production is about breakups and conflicts within the family. The boy experiences his parents' divorce and is thrown into new family constellations. In his new stepsister, however, the boy finds a friend who has experienced the same, and who he eventually grows very fond of."


Hålogaland Theatre, ht.tr.no, 02.10.2012, http://www.ht.tr.no/index.php/theatre/showview?iShowID=133

Katrine Bølstad Kompani, katrineworks.no, 02.10.2012, http://www.katrineworks.no/site_no.html

Performance dates
April 19, 2006Hovedscenen, Drammens teater
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– Show
March 8, 2006Scene Vest, Hålogaland Teater – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Helge Matland, date unknown, Bladet Tromsø [Tromsø]:
"There is no doubt this is an important production (...). The performance is good with almost electric moments, during which sparks fly from what happens onstage. It is also an important performance because it shows a hopefully larger audience that one can tell stories in exciting, new ways without using a stage expression or dance language too complicated for most people."

Marit Strømmen, date unknown, Aftenposten [Oslo]:
"Katrine Bølstad's last masterpiece is reminiscent of the regional stage's mythical golden age with experimental theatre for the everyman, and at the same time, it clears the way for a wholly new expressionism."

Christine Kristoffersen Hansen, Trekkoppfugledansen,  09.03.2006, Nordlys [Tromsø]:
"The same moment the production Electric Birds lets its wings beat for the first time the door to the world of imagination opens wide up. From here one is guided into a universe unlike most of what one has experienced earlier. [...] The colour-strong and creative stage design is filled with effects, and contributes to making this, except for a slightly tame middle part, becomes a piece of dance theatre in a class of its own." Read the whole review here (Norwegian only).

Elisabeth Leinslie, Kritisk blikk på seriemonogamiet (literally: Critical look at serial monogamy), Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift no. 2/2006:
"What we see onstage are electric confused birds. Shivering humans who get lost on their way into a strong drama about flighty family constellations. A drama wrapped in an expressionist cartoon world. [...] With her crazed, sombre cartoon world Katrine Bølstad has created a new kind of expressionism, communicating very well with the audience. Several times the young and talented choreographer has demonstrated that she has a distinct approach to the field, leading to original, insightful works. We shall not forget the dancers here, they show great understanding for Bølstad's expressionism. Their precision, presence and individual expressions contribute to making Electric Birds a strong experience. That some of the scenes seem not yet finished and tame is in this connection to count as splitting hairs."