The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book (1990) was a musical by Bryggeteateret.  It was loosely based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, in a theatrical adaptation by Arne Lindtner Næss and Wayne McKnight, with music by Svein Gundersen. The production used music by Svein Gundersen. It was performed at Bryggeteatret.

Wayne McKnight directed and choreographed it.

Originally the plan was a run of 40 performances, but during three years the musical was performed as many times as 200, for a total of 100 000 spectators.


(Objekt ID 30118)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 23, 1989
Produced by Bryggeteatret
Based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
Audience Families, Children
Audience size 100000
Number of events 200
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance for children, Musical
Running period Navember 23, 1989  —  1992

The Jungle Book by Bryggeteateret was performed with the following songs (with original Norwegian titles, as originally performed):

Act 1

  • Jungelens lov – Ensemble
  • Digger digger – Shere Khan, Lulu, Tabaqui
  • Sove søtt – Kaa
  • O-I-O-A – Bagheera, Kaa
  • Lille Frosk – Bagheera
  • Eggedosis – Baloo
  • Den enes død, den annens brød – Lulu, Tabaqui
  • Jeg og mine brødre – Gråbror, Mowgli, the wolves
  • Dem håner meg – Shere Khan
  • Månen ser alt – Raksha
  • Mowgli – Raksha, Gråbror, Mowgli, the wolves
  • Jeg må få min rett – Shere Khan, Lulu, Tabaqui, the wolves

Act 2

  • Ikke tenk på morgendagen – Baloo, Mowgli
  • Uansvarlig – Bagheera, Baloo
  • Synd å si det – Bagheera, Kaa
  • Klin kokos banana – The monkeys, King Loui
  • Jeg vil gå som deg – King Loui, Mowgli, the monkeys
  • Er du klar for meg, baby? – King Loui, Baloo, the monkeys
  • Tara – Gråbror
  • To bør man være – Mira
  • Lykken smiler til meg – Shere Khan, Lulu, Tabaqui
  • Nå går jeg ned – Shere Khan, Lulu, Tabaqui, Kaa
  • Finale – Bagheera, Raksha, Baloo, Lulu, Tabaqui, Gråbror, Mowgli, Mira, ensemble

The music was released on CD and music cassette twice, first with the original ensemble in 1989, later with the ensemble from The Norwegian Theatre in 1992.


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Performance dates
February 12, 1991Teatersalen, Bryggeteatret, Oslo New opening
Navember 23, 1989Teatersalen, Bryggeteatret, Oslo Opening night