Impulses (1997) was a production by Dans & Toner.

At the webpage of Dans & Toner the following, among other things, is written about Impulses:

"Five choreographers within jazz dance, modern dance and neoclassical dance have made each their choreography. The inspiration has been found in the mundane, in things youth relate to. The aim is to show that there is inspiration everywhere, one only has to open one's eyes and senses, to see and experience. We want to kill indifference, to show that everyone can create or be creative through inspiration from simple things. The dances are interwoven with aid from the composer, who through music, dialogue and humour initiates contact with the young people. The music is composed especially for the performance, and ranges from rock to classical and jazz. Besides opening doors to dance as an art form in combination with exciting music, the performances gives a great experience in the now, also for the most sceptical."

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Fund for Performing Artists.


Dans & Toner,, 16.08.2012,

E-mail from Marit Krogeide, 20.07.2012


(Objekt ID 29886)
Object type Production
Premiere 1997
Produced by Dans & Toner
Based on Distraksjon by Peter Lodwick, Øyvind Jørgensen; Capercaillies by Peter Lodwick, Jan de Miranda; A touch of Jazz by Peter Lodwick, Merete Lingjærde; Møte by Peter Lodwick, Toni Herlofson
Audience Youth, Adults (from 12)
Audience size 6405
Number of events 36
Keywords Dance, Ballet, Contemporary dance, Performance for youth
Running period 1997  —  1998
Website dans & toner

Requirements to venue

Rigging time 90 minutes
Downrigging time 30 minutes
Contributors (13)
Name Role
Toni Herlofson – Choreography (Møte)
Øyvind Jørgensen – Choreography (Distraksjon)
Marit Krogeide – Choreography
Merete Lingjærde – Choreography (A touch of Jazz)
Jan de Miranda – Choreography (Capercailles)
Peter Lodwick – Composer
Vidar Hansen – Dancer
Marit Krogeide – Dancer
Peter Lodwick – Musician
Grim Evensen – Photo
Geir Hansen – Photo
Marit Krogeide – Producer
Peter Lodwick – Producer
Performance dates
1997Amfisal, Nøtterøy Kulturhus Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Helge Warnerg-Knoll, date unknown, Moss Avis [Moss]:
"Impressive impulses inspired! Warm applause from the audience signalled that the performance had hit the mark" 

Line Kaspersen, date unknown, Eidsvoll Blad [Eidsvoll]:
"Dainty pointe dance, pulsating jazz rhythms and hard techno had the ability to spellbind the pupils. Stylish dance by Vidar Hansen/Marit Krogeide and Peter Lodwick's comical talent made Dans & Toner's performance art for the "masses". The judgment of the pupils was clear: "We thought it would be boring, but it was cool. It was very good and we were impressed!"

Writer and date unknown, Telemark Arbeiderblad:
"In the span of an hour Dans & Toner gave the pupils an unusual musical experience and live dance art. Impulses was a fast-paced, fun performance. The artists had the pupils' unconditional attention." 

Anne Bergsengene, date unknown, Fremtiden:
"Dans & Toner hit the mark with the lower secondary school audience. With humour, comical talent, dance of high quality, music youth like and emotions they recognise, Dans & Toner brings dance to those who would not otherwise go to such a performance. This is the aim, and the aim is reached!"