Misery (2009) was a theatre production by The Arctic Theatre, based on a novel by Stephen King, in a theatrical adaption by Simon Moore. Misery was performed in the theatre's venue Scene Øst from October 15 to November 14 2009. It was on tour from November 18 to December 5 2009.

Ketil Høegh directed it.


(Objekt ID 29082)
Object type Production
Premiere October 15, 2009
Produced by The Arctic Theatre
Based on Misery by Stephen King, Simon Moore
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Horror
Running period October 15, 2009  
Duration 1 hour, 40 minutes
Website Hålogaland Teater

At the webpage of The Arctic Theatre the following, among other things, is written about Misery:

"He used to write for a living. Now he writes to survive. Misery is a dark journey into the universe of Stephen King. A story about obsession, survival and a fan with dark motives. This year's thriller at The Arctic Theatre.

The writer Paul Sheldon makes good money writing the series Misery. For the reader Annie Wilkes the Misery series is an obsession. When the writer becomes victim of an accident Annie takes hand of him. It develops into a power struggle he has to win to survive."

Misery was performed with a permit from Samuel French Limited
Publisher: Nordiska Aps - Copenhagen


The Arctic Theatre, ht.tr.no, 02.10.2012, http://www.ht.tr.no/index.php/theatre/showview?iShowID=217

Contributors (10)
Name Role
Stephen King – Author
Simon Moore – Dramatised by
Ketil Høegh – Direction
Per Martinsen – Music
Dagny Drage Kleiva – Stage design
Dagny Drage Kleiva – Costume design
Øystein Heitmann – Lighting design
Maryon Eilertsen – Actor (Annie Wilkes)
Duc Mai-The – Actor (Paul Sheldon)
Julie A. Clark – Mask design
Performance dates
December 5, 2009Storsalen, Salangen Kulturhus Show
December 3, 2009The Main Hall, Finnsnes Kulturhus Show
December 2, 2009Storsalen, Istindportalen Show
December 1, 2009Storsalen, Harstad Kulturhus Show
Navember 28, 2009Kirkenes samfunnshus Show
Navember 27, 2009Teatersalen i Båtsfjord Show
Navember 26, 2009Vadsø Kino Show
Navember 24, 2009Karasjok Kulturhus Show
Navember 23, 2009Ole Olsensalen Show
Navember 21, 2009Lakselv Kino og Kultursal Show
Navember 20, 2009Nordkapp Kino, Honningsvåg Show
Navember 19, 2009Alta kultursal Show
Navember 18, 2009Skjervøy Kulturhus Show
October 15, 2009Scene Øst, Hålogaland Teater, The Arctic Theatre National premiere, Norway