Time and the Room

Time and the room was a theatre production produced by The Norwegian Theatre in 2011, based on the play by Botho Strauss.

Erik Ulfsby directed it.

Gjertrud Jynge won The Hedda Award 2012 in the category of best supporting actressfor the role of Maria Steuber.

The Hedda Jury reasoned as follows:

"This year's winner has for many years impressed with performances in smaller, larger and medium-sized roles within all the genres of performing arts; the comedy, the musical, the contemporary drama and the classics. When she now receives the Hedda Award it is just because she is such a versatile actress, switching between being charming, witty, hysterical, seducing, love hungry, distance, refined and deeply unhappy with such playful ease.

She gets the award for original, personal interpretations of Maria Steuber in Time and the Room and for the portrait of a woman who is driven to the outermost limits by hatred and love, Christine Mannon in Mourning Becomes Electra, both at The Norwegian Theatre.

The best supporting actress award goes to Gjertrud Jynge."


The Hedda Awards, 29.05.2012, http://heddaprisen.no/pub/heddaprisen/main/?&mid=1031&aid=1030


(Objekt ID 28857)
Object type Production
Premiere September 17, 2011
Produced by The Norwegian Theatre
Based on Time and the Room by Botho Strauss
Audience Adults
Audience size 686
Number of events 13
Language Norwegian Nynorsk
Keywords Drama, Theatre
Running period September 17, 2011  
Contributors (17)
Name Role
Botho Strauss – Playwright
Ragnar Hovland – Translation
Erik Ulfsby – Direction
Susanne Lundeng – Music
Mari Moen – Dramaturge
Sverre Bentzen – Actor (Julius)
Herman Bernhoft – Actor (Frank Arnold)
Jon Bleiklie Devik – Actor (Olaf)
Morten Espeland – Actor (Mannen med vinterfrakk)
Paul Åge Johannessen – Actor (Den fullstendig ukjende)
Gjertrud Jynge – Actor (Maria Steuber )
Vidar Magnussen – Actor (Mannen utan klokke)
Silje Storstein – Actor (Sovekvinna)
Ingunn Beate Øyen – Actor (Den utålmodige)
Susanne Lundeng – Musician (Fele)
Hervé Huck – Stage Manager
Lars Vuttudal – Stage Manager
Performance dates
September 17, 2011Scene 3 (tidligere Prøvesalen), The Norwegian Theatre Opening night