Fallen behind me, Horizontal Planes and Borboleta

NyNorsk by Carte Blanche consists of a triple work by a new generation of Nordic, Norway-based choreographers. NyNorsk is a trinity of provoking ideas, spry movements and precise and powerful dance choreographed by Christopher Arouni, Heine Røsdal Avdal and the duo Kristin Hjort Inao & Yoshifumi Inao.


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Object type Production
Original title In Norwegian: NyNorsk
Premiere January 27, 2010
Produced by Carte Blanche
Audience Adults, Youth
Number of events 16
Keywords Dance, Contemporary dance
Running period January 27, 2010  

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Fallen Behind Meis choreographed by Christopher Arouni. Fallen Behind Me is a dance piece for three female dancers exploring movement, time and precision. The movement – the length of it, the beginning, the end, the different directions, the spatiality, the force, the sudden change in the movement, and then time is slowed and the end dissolved.

Horizontal Planes is a choreography by Heine Røsdal Avdal. Horizontal Planes springs out from the idea about how we can exist within horizontal power structures as opposed to hierarchic power structures. Each and every one of us room several layers of references and sources confirming that we are results of a collective. From this context this question is posed: How the dancer as an individual can be dissolved in new floating, expanding and diverse units.

The choreography Borboleta is made by the duo Kristin Hjort Inao & Yoshifumi Inao. Borboleta is about constant awakening. The awakening needed to experience the moment. About giving in and allowing the incalculable entrance, and a transformation and constant renewal; like movement from place to place.

Source: Carte Blanche 2010. 04.08.2010: http://www.carteblanche.no

Performance dates
January 27, 2010Studio Bergen, Carte Blanche Worldwide premiere