Can We Talk About This?

Can We Talk About This? (2011) is a dance theatre production by British-based company DV8, after an idea by and directed by Lloyd Newson.

The production had its world premiere in Sydney in Australia in 2011, and has been performed across large parts of Europe since then.

Can We Talk About This? is about issues related to Islam, freedom of speech, freedom to make personal choices, censorship and violence.

Can We Talk About This? was performed at Dansens Hus in 2012, a visiting performance supported by the freedom of expression foundation Fritt Ord.



Dansens Hus,


(Objekt ID 28738)
Object type Production
Premiere August 2011
Produced by
Coproducers Théâtre de la Ville, National Theatre, Dansens Hus - Stockholm, ,
Audience Adults
Expressions Dance theatre, Documentary, Political Theatre
Running period August 2011  
Performance dates
May 13, 2012Hovedscenen – Show
May 12, 2012Hovedscenen – Show
May 11, 2012Hovedscenen – Show
August 2011 – Worldwide premiere