A perfectly safe hide-out

A perfectly safe hide-out by Mari Meen Halsøy, Sara Christophersen and Helle Siljeholm was a site-specific performance for the Beirut Street Festival 2011 in Lebanon. Their work drew upon questions and situations inspired by real life conditions, politics, social structures and (hi)stories of society.

Combining dance, visual art and music, the project sat out to explore common perceptions of the surroundings of the performance location.


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Object type Production
Premiere October 1, 2011
Produced by Siljeholm/Christophersen, Mari Meen Halsøy
Audience Adults
Keywords Dance, Music, Performance, Site spesific performance
Running period October 1, 2011  
Website MARI MEEN HALSØY, Helle Siljeholm & Sara Christophersen

A perfectly safe hide-out by Mari Meen Halsøy, Sara Christophersen and Helle Siljeholm was supported by the municipality of Beirut (LB), The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beirut, Zico House (LB), The Fund for Performing Artists (NO), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/MFA (travel grant/performing arts), Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) and Umam Documentation & Research (LB).


Norway - the official site in Lebanon, norway-lebanon.org, 09.01.2012, http://www.norway-lebanon.org/News_and_events/Culture/Norwegian-artists-at-the-2011-Beirut-Street-Festival/

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Sara Christophersen – Concept/Idea
Mari Meen Halsøy – Concept/Idea
Helle Siljeholm – Concept/Idea
Sara Christophersen – Choreography
Helle Siljeholm – Choreography
Mathias Eick – Music
Mari Meen Halsøy – Visual design
Katarina Eriksson – Co-creator
Martin Lervik – Co-creator
Sara Christophersen – Dancer
Katarina Eriksson – Dancer
Martin Lervik – Dancer
Helle Siljeholm – Dancer
Performance dates
October 2, 2011Barakat Building / Beit Beirut Show
October 1, 2011Barakat Building / Beit Beirut Worldwide premiere
Festivals (1)
Beirut Street Festival October 1, 2011