Snik and Snok on the moon

Premiére date26 Nov. 2011
Produced bySiljeholm/Christophersen
In collaboration withNorwegian Centre for New Playwriting (NCNP), Teater Innlandet, Dansens Hus, The National Centre for Culture and Arts (Jordan)
AudienceChildren (from 8 to 13)
ExpressionsDance, Music, Theatre, Video, Trilogy, Performance for children
Running period26 Nov. 2011  
WebsiteHelle Siljeholm & Sara Christophersen

About Snik and Snok on the moon

The dance production Snik and Snok on the moon (2011) by Siljeholm/Christophersen is about the superheroes Snik and Snok, who are living the good life.

They are hailed by the people and enjoy their status as heroes. But one day, the idyll is broken; a tsunami of garbage threatens the world. The crook Skuggan, who is driving the moon towards the earth, is blamed, as Snik and Snok accept the challenge to save the earth. But is Skuggan really to blame for the pollution? Will Snik and Snok manage to save the planet from drowning in garbage? And do people really want to be saved?

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More about Snik and Snok on the moon

Snik and Snok on the moon by Siljeholm/Christophersen is an interdisciplinary performance created in a landscape of video illustrations, dance and music. The theme of the performance is how the search for material goods and social status contrast the growing climate consciousness of the world.

In the trilogy about Snik and Snok, Snik and Snok on the moon is the second production, and the sequel to Adventurous Adventure.

Snik and Snok on the moon by Siljeholm/Christophersen was supported by the art development platform Kunstløftet (run by Arts Council Norway), Nordic Culture Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists, The Norwegian Touring Theatre and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel grant, performing arts).


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