The point of no return

Produced byHappy Gorilla Dance Company
CoproducersBIT Teatergarasjen
ExpressionsPerformance, Music, Theatre

About The point of no return

The point of no return by Happy Gorilla Dance Company examines historical events and undercurrents.

In Norwegian there is an expression that "it's never too late to turn around", but there are times when there is a point of no return. HGDC tries to circle in this point in a weaving of one of the greatest war in history and Chinese mythology, with the aim to discuss and play on the different cultural aspects of the deep crisis, at the time of which one just has to move on and the road out is more or less invisible.

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    More about The point of no return

    Text from The point of no return by Happy Gorilla Dance Company:

    "Do we have a duty to remember? 1,2,3,4:
    Memory is life,
    Born by living societies founded in its name.
    Because memory is not just an individual experience,
    But also part of the collective consciousness.
    History, on the other hand,
    Is the reconstruction,
    Always problematic and incomplete,
    Of what is no longer.
    It's nice to be together
    Especially during turning points
    When things are upside down and
    Future is just a blink ahead of us.
    Life is about personal construction.
    It is said that to live in happiness,
    One has to live remotely.
    It includes the ability to choose a community,
    With a privileged access and some recognition.
    At night, the workers education establishes
    A counterpoint to their production activity.
    The factory turns into a university.
    A library and training courses for self-improvement.
    Computer, English, economy, art, dance,
    As each class room opens onto a possible future.
    Let´s think that tomorrow will be better!"

    BIT Teatergarasjen writes the following about Happy Gorilla Dance Company:

    "Happy Gorilla Dance Company (HGDC) is a new live art project throwing movements towards a wall of sound, streaming out of an open door, presenting dance, music and text in a playful way.

    Or, as the company described itself, in an early phase during a miniature viewing at PrøveRommet - scenekunst! during METEOR 2011: 'We can also call them 'the', as the speed of light is sometimes very slow, and everything is a happy go lucky point of no return. Trade and history are essential for the members, as well as a constant and powerful dialogue with Chinese art and people. It's a perfect year for bananafishing'."


    BIT Teatergarasjen, vårprogram 2012. 19.01.2012: