Visit Tours

Visit Tours - another guided bus tour in Oslo was a production by and with Claire de Wangen, Anni Gustafsson and Joanna Magierecka. 

Visit Tours sought its way behind the facade of the city, with all its important places to visit, restaurants, sights and shops: Behind the city as an icon, is another city; a city of humans and their stories, rituals, mysterious events and mundane striving.

Visit Tours took the tour to the city behind the city through the bus window.


(Objekt ID 25804)
Object type Production
Premiere June 15, 2006
Produced by Claire de Wangen
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Tour, Theatre
Running period June 15, 2006  
Website Claire de Wangen

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Visit Tours by and with Claire de Wangen, Anni Gustafsson and Joanna Magierecka sprang out from sightseeing as a phenomena and the bus as a viewpoint.

The creators of Visit Tours worked with text in the intersection between information and memories.

"There are one million stories in the naked city. 
But nobody remembers which belongs to them."

The tour was sponsored by Peer Gynt Tours and Nettbuss through loan of bus and driver.


The website of Joanna Magierecka, 20.12.2011,

Name Role
Anni Gustafsson – Text
Joanna Magierecka – Text
Claire de Wangen – Text
Anni Gustafsson – Performer
Joanna Magierecka – Performer
Claire de Wangen – Performer
Performance dates
June 17, 2006 – Show
June 16, 2006 – Show
June 15, 2006 – Worldwide premiere