Zanzibar (1988) was a performance by Verdensteatret. The performance was performed in a circus tent touring Norway. Verdensteatret also toured with the performance by ferry from Oslo to Hirtshals in Denmark and to Harwich in England.


Verdensteatret's archive, donated by Verdensteatret, 05.10.2011


(Objekt ID 24442)
Object type Production
Premiere June 20, 1988
Produced by Verdensteatret
Audience All
Number of events 92
Keywords Performance, Circus, Theatre
Running period June 20, 1988  
Contributors (16)
Name Role
Guillaume Apollinaire – Text
Thomas Stearns Eliot – Text
Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz – Text
Lisbeth Bodd – Concept/Idea
Trine Falch – Concept/Idea
Lisbeth Bodd – Direction
Asle Nilsen – Stage design
Svein Ove Kirkhorn – Costume
Anne-Stine Bankrød Nilsen – Costume
Frode Bjørnstad – Lighting design
Frode Bjørnstad – Performer
Trine Falch – Performer
Odd Johan Fritzøe – Performer
Anne Gjems – Performer
Gurå Mathiesen – Performer
Karstein Solli – Performer
Performance dates
July 1989Sirkustelt, eid av Verdensteatret Show
June 20, 1988Sirkustelt, eid av Verdensteatret Worldwide premiere