Blue is the Smoke of War

Blue is the smoke of war by Grenland Friteater was largely drawn on materials and characters from Good Times for the Evil Ones, a previous ensemble production by Grenland Friteater, inspired by the writings of Norwegian poet and professor Georg Johannesen.


(Objekt ID 2432)
Object type Production
Produced by Grenland Friteater
Audience Youth, Adults
Number of events 52
Language English and Spanish
Expressions Theatre, Cabaret, Physical theatre
Running period May 18, 1997  
Website Grenland Friteater

Blue is the smoke of war by Grenland Friteater presented the work of Georg Johannesen in four parts or movements like in a musical piece:

First movement – Autumn (Adagio): took the audience into China during the Táng dynasty through the words of master poet Tu Fu. The topics were not poetic: Fall, age, war, famine, disease lack of emotion, spiritual emptiness, resignation, indifference.

Second movement – Winter (Allegro ma non troppo): took place in Norway during the fifties and had the form of a cabaret. The singer/performer sang of the “good times”.

Third movement – Spring (Scherzo): The scherzo was more directly concerned with the political situation in Norway and took advantage of the satirical power of Georg Johannesen: "Of all the people in the whole world it is the Norwegians who have dreamt the most beautiful dream about life".

Fourth movement – Summer (Allegro con brio): placed the audience in the garden of Greek philosopher Epicurus with the motto: "Do not fear death, do not fear God. Pleasure will then be easily found, pain easily overcome".

Source: Grenland Friteater,, 18.08.2010,

Name Role
Georg Johannesen – Text
Geddy Aniksdal – Translation
Roger Jeffs – Translation
Tor Arne Ursin – Translation
Tor Arne Ursin – Direction
Guttorm Guttormsen – Music
Gerd Zoe Christiansen – Costume
Jean Vincent Kerebel – Lighting design
Geddy Aniksdal – Actor
Danny Twang – Photo
Leila Sunniva Berg – Technician
Hans Petter Eliassen – Producer
Geddy Aniksdal – Other (montage)
Tor Arne Ursin – Other (montage)
Performance dates
May 18, 1997 – action-performance