The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black was a theatre production by Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), produced in 1991, and based on the play by Stephen Mallatrat, in turn based on a novel by Susan Hill.

Bjørn Sæter directed it.

The production was performed at Centralteatret.


(Objekt ID 23634)
Object type Production
Premiere January 16, 1991
Produced by Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)
Based on The Woman in Black by Susan Hill, Stephen Mallatratt
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Crime, Theatre
Running period January 16, 1991  —  February 2, 1991
Contributors (14)
Name Role
Susan Hill – Author
Stephen Mallatratt – Dramatised by
Finn Schau – Translation
Bjørn Sæter – Direction
Per Olav Austdahl – Stage design
Per Olav Austdahl – Costume design
Erling Jørgensen – Sound design
Trond Sætre – Lighting design
Johannes Joner – Actor (A. En ung skuespiller)
Helge Reiss – Actor (B. En advokat (Kips))
Kati Sjögren – Makeup
Kati Sjögren – Wigmaking
Tom Andersen – Stage manager
Didi Stig – Prompter
Performance dates
January 16, 1991Oslo Nye Centralteatret Opening night