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One Night Stand

One Night Stand was a theatre production by Krement X, based on the play The Lover by Harold Pinter.

Morten Traavik directed it.

Krement X described the performance as "a journey through different stages in a relationship between man and woman, with the roleplay between the genders as the driving force".


(Objekt ID 2310)
Object type Production
Premiere May 1, 1999
Produced by Krement X
Based on The Lover by Harold Pinter
Audience Adults, Youth (from 16)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Drama
Running period May 1, 1999  
Duration Approximately an hour

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 12m
Maximum stage width 12m
Minimum stage depth 12m
Maximum stage depth 12m
Minimum stage height 6m
Maximum stage height 6m
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 120 minutes
Downrigging time 60 minutes
Audience 200

Morten and Anna meet in a nightclub and are driven into a love affair. Absurd, but recognisable situations are interwoven into a story with a predictable outcome. Expectations and role patterns are revealed and commented upon.

The stage image is inspired by the 1960es' pop art aesthetics. The production creates a new and distinct expression of strict psychological realism, choreographed dance, stand-up comedy and rhythmical, repetitive action sequences. Humour is always present, like an at times transparent varnish covering great vulnerability. Musically One night stand ranges from superficial pop and drum & bass to Gavin Bryars' symphonic contemporary compositions.

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Harold Pinter – Playwright
Anna Dworak – Direction
Morten Traavik – Direction
Cecilie de Lange – Stage design
Anna Dworak – Room
Morten Traavik – Room
Frantz Josef Sebestyen – Video/Film
Kjetil Traavik Møster – Sound
Jean Vincent Kerebel – Light
Anna Dworak – Performer
Morten Traavik – Performer
Helge Hansen – Photo
Performance dates
Navember 1999Provisoriet, Rådstua Teaterhus Show
October 1999Theater des Augenblicks Show
August 29, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
August 28, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
August 27, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
August 26, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
August 25, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
August 24, 1999Store scene (Vika), Black Box teater Show
May 1, 1999Agora Opening night
May 1999 Show
Festivals (1)
Break 21 May 1999