Noodle Doodle Box

Premiére date21 Nov. 2003
Produced byTemte Productions
Based onNoodle Doodle Box by Paul Maar
AudienceChildren, Families (from 3 to 10)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children , Physical theatre
Running period21 Nov. 2003  
Duration45 minutes
WebsiteTemte Productions

About Noodle Doodle Box

Noodle Doodle Box was a theatre production by Temte Productions, based on the play by Paul Maar.

Per Skjølsvik directed it.

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Press review

Drammens Tidende, February 14 2004:

"With two boxes and a backdrop hanging from a folding stand the whole production can fit into a car, but more one doesn’t need to create 45 magical minutes in an ordinary gym hall."

More about Noodle Doodle Box

The two strange characters in the production Noodle Doodle Box, Bartholomea and Kummel, live in each their box. They’re best friends. Like the Katzenjammer Kids or the playmates from the song I don’t want to play in your yard they play and argue with the same intensity; one moment they are inseparable, the next they are bitter enemies, until they yet again are reunited in playing.

With childish enthusiasm and imagination the boxes become not just homes for the two, but also central objects in a game which will eventually release envy and arguing testing the friendship. A sweeping great-looking drummer suddenly shows up and in an attempt to charm him our two friends become an easy target for the newcomer’s sly divide and conquer strategy. He fools the two, runs away with their boxes and leaves them homeless and without toys.

Bartholomea and Kummel in Noodle Doodle Box understand that they were fooled for being stupid and arguing, but in a magical way they manage to get a new box, almost identical to those they lost, and this time they’re determined to stick together. When the drummer reappears in disguise and attempts to rob their new box, they see right through him as the crook he is, and they drive him away. Friendship and sensibility have won!


Temte Productions,, 08.11.2010