Travels with My Aunt

Travels with My Aunt was a theatre production by Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre), produced in 1997, and based on the book byGraham Greene. Giles Havergal had made the stage adaption.

Per-Olav Sørensen and Pavel Dobrusky directed it.


(Objekt ID 21940)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 21, 1997
Produced by Oslo Nye Teater (Oslo New Theatre)
Based on Travels with My Aunt by Giles Havergal, Graham Greene
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Comedy, Theatre
Running period Navember 21, 1997  
Contributors (17)
Name Role
Graham Greene – Author
Giles Havergal – Dramatised by
Kyrre Haugen Bakke – Translation
Pavel Dobrusky – Direction
Per-Olav Sørensen – Direction
Corinne Lyche Campos – Choreography
Alicja Ziolko – Choreography
Per-Olav Sørensen – Costume design
Trond Brænne – Actor (Henry Pulling / Tante Augusta)
Geir Børresen – Actor (Henry Pulling / Prest m. fler.)
Morten Røhrt – Actor (Henry Pulling / Sjåfør, m.fler.)
Jon Øigarden – Actor (Henry Pulling / Postmann m. fler)
Mikkel Stølen – Makeup
Karina Buchanan – Props
Torunn Eithun – Props
John Ellefsen – Stage manager
Didi Stig – Prompter
Performance dates
Navember 21, 1997Oslo Nye Centralteatret National premiere, Norway