Polar by Temte Productions was about two men in a desolate place: Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen and their stay in Franz Josef Land, where they fought to survive under extreme conditions.


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Object type Production
Premiere March 5, 2003
Produced by Temte Productions
Based on Polar by Kyrre Andreassen
Audience Youth, Adults (from 16)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Drama
Running period March 5, 2003  —  May 13, 2003
Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes
Website Temte Productions

In Polar by Temte Productions the audience met Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen during their stay in the Arctic Archipelago in Franz Josef Land. This was what fascinated the actor and producer Rune Temte and director Marcelino Valiente. The polar researchers’ nine months in the same sleeping bag were the basis for the text they asked Kyrre Andreassen to write.

The result is Polar, a play about two painters, a large job and a defect electricity generator. It was about what can happen when two persons have to go through an extreme ordeal and both mind and body threaten to fail.

In Polar the stage design was minimalistic. The production was performed in a bare stage room in which the stage design consisted of different materials connected to a construction site. The lightening was simple and the production was made to be moved and rigged in new venues in a short time.


Temte Productions, temte.no, 15.11.2010,  http://temte.no/sider/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=26%3Apolar&catid=10%3Atidligere-prosjekter&Itemid=11&lang=nb

Name Role
Kyrre Andreassen – Playwright
Marcelino Martin Valiente – Direction
Thomas Melby – Visual design (Grafisk formgiver)
Thea Glimsdal Temte – Costume
Jean Vincent Kerebel – Lighting design
Sven Nordin – Actor
Rune Temte – Actor
Espen Andersen – Producer
Thomas Melby – Producer
Morten Thomte – Consultant (Dramaturgikonsulent)
Performance dates
May 13, 2003Hovden Kulturhus – Show
May 9, 2003Store sal, Forum i Molde – Show
May 3, 2003Studioscenen – Show
May 2, 2003Studioscenen – Show
May 1, 2003Studioscenen – Show
April 30, 2003Studioscenen – Show
April 8, 2003Teatersalen, Førdehuset – Show
April 3, 2003Hallen – Show
April 2, 2003Hallen – Show
April 1, 2003Hallen – Show
March 26, 2003Teatersalen
  • )
– Show
March 25, 2003Store scene, Festiviteten i Skien – Show
March 23, 2003Nøtterøy Kulturhus – Show
March 18, 2003Studioscenen
  • )
– Show
March 5, 2003Studioscenen
  • )
– Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

Marit Elise Lyngstad, Fengslende Polar(literally: Capturing Polar), 12.05.2003, Romsdals budstikke:
"With an intense, driving script and complex characters portrayed by excellent actors this becomes a really good theatre experience."

Grete Indahl, To menn i isøde (literally: Two men in the Ice Desert), 07.04.2003, Klassekampen [Oslo]:
"The play revolves around the existential mystery – about the meaning of life – and in this way, it threads in the absurd steps of the English (sic**) playwright Samuel Beckett. Kyrre Andreassen has phrased two male characters filled with contradictions, relating to each other as if they were strangers."

**Samuel Beckett was Irish, and lived most of his life in France.