Trio for Two Actors and a Spanish Guitar

Trio for Two Actors and a Spanish Guitar - A visual radio play for children by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen

The story of editor in chief Odd's final deadline was a small crime story which takes place in the hours between December 23rd and Christmas Eve. For reasons unknown, the eccentric newspaper editor has relocated himself and his only employee, journalist trainee Tatakanavanavanavanava Ho, to the vast wilderness of Canada. Here the two struggle to meet ever pressing deadlines, always fearful of their competitors' headline thieves, and they must fight against brain farts and computers that break down at the worst possible moment. There is just one real rival for the Christmas headlines: Santa Claus. Only Santa knows the true and hidden secrets of Christmas Night, and thus he is the only one, so far, who have managed to make the best Christmas headline.


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Object type Production
Premiere December 2, 2004
Produced by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret Bergen
Audience Youth, Adults, Children, Families (from 9)
Language Norwegian
Expressions Musical theatre, Theatre, Performance for children, Comedy
Running period December 2, 2004  
Duration 45 minutes
Website Transiteatret-Bergen

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 7m
Maximum stage width 15m
Minimum stage depth 6m
Maximum stage depth 15m
Minimum stage height 3m
Maximum stage height 15m
Lights requirements 4 zoom lights, 3 fresnels, 6 current dimmer
Audio requirements PA system with double CD player (DJ)
Blackout Yes
Rigging time 60 minutes
Downrigging time 30 minutes
Audience 100

The set design was created at the cross point of sound and physical action. Through this, the troupe attempted to gain sound where space was lost, i.e. a school building. The contrast between indoors and outdoors, snow-covered wilderness and a top modern newspaper office, became the contrast between silence and noise. Through accurately coordinating the sounds and the movements and actions of the actors, Transiteatret presented a precise and funny performance. Directions, distance and movement in time and space were realised through physical stage expressions and visual or visualised sound.

Trio for Two Actors and a Spanish Guitar - A visual radio play for children by Tore Vagn Lid/Transiteatret-Bergen was funded by The Cultural Rucksack in Hordaland County.

Source: Transiteatret-Bergen,, 01.08.2010,

Contributors (12)
Name Role
Tore Vagn Lid – Playwright
Tore Vagn Lid – Direction
Simen Grankel – Music
Tore Vagn Lid – Dramaturge
Claus Gladyszak – Stage design
Simen Grankel – Sound design
Tore Vagn Lid – Sound design
Tor Christian Faugstad Bleikli – Actor
Sara Norlin – Actor
Runar Jacobsen – Musician (gitar)
Tor Christian Faugstad Bleikli – Producer
Tore Vagn Lid – Producer
Performance dates
January 29, 2005Teaterhuset Avant Garden – Show
December 4, 2004 – Show
December 3, 2004 – Show
December 2, 2004 – Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

"Can this – really – go wrong? Far from it. It goes directly to the heaven of theatre – accompanied by guitar! Tore Vagn Lid often has showed his society and media critical claw, and yeah, he does manage to get in a funny little critical turn in this children’s Christmas performance too." Astrid Kolbjørnsen (2004, 03.12). Bergens Tidende