The Fussy Man

Premiére date10 Sep. 1999
Produced byThe National Theatre
Based onThe fussy man by Ludvig Holberg
Running period10 Sep. 1999  

About The Fussy Man

The Fussy Man was a theatre production staged by The National Theatre in 1999, based on the play by Ludvig Holberg. The production was performed at the theatre's main stage.

Kim Bjarke (Denmark) directed it.

Per Theodor Haugen played the role of Vielgeschrey.

Kjersti Holmen played the role of Pernille.

Mona Hofland played the role of Magdelone. In 1968, the previous production The National Theatre made of The Fussy Man, she had played the role of Pernille. Magdelone became her farewell performance before retiring as steadily employed at The National Theatre.

The production was part of The National Theatre's 100-year anniversary. Ludvig Holberg's name is one of those decorating the theatre's facade.

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