Romeo was a theatre production by Det Motsatte Prosjekt, produced in 1994 and loosely based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Jon Tombre directed it.

Romeo was Camilla Martens' debut as an actress.


(Objekt ID 17533)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 3, 1994
Produced by Det Motsatte Prosjekt
Based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period Navember 3, 1994  


Jon Tombre's private archive, donated by Jon Tombre. 03.03.2009

Contributors (16)
Name Role
William Shakespeare – Playwright
André Bjerke – Translation
Jon Tombre – Idea
Jon Tombre – Direction
Yngvar Julin – Room
Yngvar Julin – Costume
Yngvar Julin – Light
Lorentz Wilhelm Brinch – Actor (Romeo)
Sossen Krohg – Actor (ammen)
Arnhild Litleré – Actor (moren)
Camilla Martens – Actor (Julie)
Shaun Henrik Mathesson – Actor (Romeo)
Jostein Brå Oksavik – Actor (Romeo)
Tor Støve – Actor (Romeo)
Svein Årseth – Actor (Romeo)
Mona Haug – Photo
Performance dates
Navember 25, 1994BIT Teatergarasjen – Show
Navember 24, 1994BIT Teatergarasjen – Show
Navember 20, 1994Musikkteatret på Vestbanen i Oslo – Show
Navember 19, 1994Musikkteatret på Vestbanen i Oslo – Show
Navember 18, 1994Musikkteatret på Vestbanen i Oslo – Show
Navember 17, 1994Musikkteatret på Vestbanen i Oslo – Show
Navember 16, 1994Musikkteatret på Vestbanen i Oslo – Show
Navember 4, 1994Universitetet i Trondheim – Show
Navember 3, 1994Universitetet i Trondheim – Opening night
Press coverage

Trygve Lundemo, Romeo anno -94, 04.11.1994, Adresseavisen [Trondheim]:
"Director Jon Tombre, fresh out of the director study at The National Academy of Theatre this spring, has cut a lot of the text and concentrates on a selection of Juliet's, her mother's and the nurse's lines. [...] Tombre is inspired by the theatrical experiments by the Bauhaus school and puts an emphasis on physical exercises. Thus this version of Romeo and Juliet becomes everything but romantic. In return the performance is given a youthful drive..."

Bengt Calmeyer, Hvor er du, Romeo? (literally: Where art thou, Romeo?), 18.11.1994, Arbeiderbladet [Oslo]:
"With this the concept becomes the story of Juliet's near dreamed love to a Romeo we never meet [...], and born through a theatrically unreal, strongly extrovert and visual expression. The production awakens immediate interest and is thoroughly competently done."

Hanne Farestvedt, Intens debutant (literally: Intense debutant), 27.11.1994, Bergens Arbeiderblad [Bergen]:
"Romeo is present through five male characters - silent and unattainable. They speak through physical expressions and symbolism. [...] Debutant Camilla Martens delivers an impressing interpretation of Juliet's tragedy."