New and short stories

Produced byTurak théâtre
AudienceFamilies (from 8)
Running period4 Nov. 2011  
Duration60 minutes

About New and short stories

New and short stones by Turak Théâtre (F) is one of the productions performed during the theatre festival Mini Midi Maxi in Bergen in 2011.

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    More about New and short stories

    On the webpage of Mini Midi Maxi one can read the following about the production New and short stones by Turak Théâtre: 

    "Old, worn-out and used objects, dug out of forgotten drawers, are given new life; flea markets and second-hand shops are the providers for Turak Théâtre – here you will experience poetry and humour at its best!

    A production in which the images stand alone without dialogue and the objects make us laugh and dream. Aboard a 'seagull plane' immediately leaving for Turakie! Three short stories with news from inhabited, visited, passed, dreamed or fictional islands at sea.

    As the years have passed one has developed a map over Turakie; an imaginary isolated country inhabited by strange, but moving characters! Removed from their original functions the objects and puppets are given life through simple, but poetic theatre."


    Mini Midi Maxi, 29.08.11: