The Happy Prince

Premiére date30 Oct. 2004
Produced bySagliocco Ensemble
Based onThe Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde
AudienceChildren (from 7)
ExpressionsTheatre, Performance for children
Running period30 Oct. 2004  
Duration50 minutes
WebsiteSagliocco Ensemble

About The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince is a production by Sagliocco Ensemble. A golden statue is placed high above the city to be seen, but the statue also sees the sufferings of the people. Two parallel stories are told. Two people meet at the garbage dump. One lives there, the other is looking for her plane ticket to Egypt which she is certain has ended up on the dump.

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More about The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince by Sagliocco Ensemble is freely based on Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince. The tears from the statue's blue sapphire eyes wake the swallow at its feet. A lone swallow that should have left for Egypt long ago.

Oscar Wilde adores beauty and worships the grotesque. We are fascinated by Wilde's juggling of the extreme and the sublime with humour and satire. The Happy Prince is the third Oscar Wilde-inspired production by Sagliocco Ensemble.

The Happy Prince by Sagliocco Ensemble was supported by Arts Council Norway, The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority, The Audio Visual Fund and The Fund for Performing Artists.

Reference: Sagliocco Ensemble,, 10.08.2010,