Premiére date2006
Produced byMette Edvardsen/Athome
Running period2006  

About coffee

coffee (2006) is a short film by Mette Edvardsen with the actor Philippe Beloul. 

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Performance dates

  • 2006 - Opening night
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    More about coffee

    In the info leaflet METTE EDVARDSEN >PROJECTS 2002-2010 the following is written about coffee:

    "A series of small films and sketches were made in the context of researching and developing the piece or else nobody will know (2007). Of these films most remain in the archive of notes and experiments made, others are still yet to be finished. The two small films coffee and cigarette have been presented as autonomous works in various contexts."


    Mette Edvardsen's private archive. Donated by: Mette Edvardsen, 11.12.2010