And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing


And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing is an installation produced by Verdensteatret. The installation And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing was produced prior to the theatre production And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing.


(Objekt ID 16814)
Object type Production
Premiere April 15, 2010
Produced by Verdensteatret
Audience Adults
Keywords Installation, Multimedia
Running period April 15, 2010  —  April 2012

Requirements to venue

Blackout Yes

The past three production periods of Verdensteatret's have all resulted in two productions based on the same material. First the production Concert for Greenland inspired the installation The Telling Orchestra, next the production louder inspired the installation louder. For the third production period Verdensteatret decided to upend the process, producing the installation prior to the production.

And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing was supported by Arts Council Norway and The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), The Audio Visual Fund, The Fund for Performing Artists, The Consulate General in Guangzhou, The Consulate General in Shanghai, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, The Consulate General in New York and The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Contributors (16)
Name Role
Eirik Arthur Blekesaune – Co-creator
Christian Blom – Co-creator
Lisbeth Bodd – Co-creator
Øyvind Borgemoen Lyse – Co-creator
Hai Nguyen Dinh – Co-creator
Ali Djabbary – Co-creator
Espen Sommer Eide – Co-creator
Gjertrud Jynge – Co-creator
Janne Kruse – Co-creator
Jannicke Lie – Co-creator
Håkon Lindbäck – Co-creator
Asle Nilsen – Co-creator
Piotr Pajchel – Co-creator
Kristine Roald Sandøy – Co-creator
Hans Jaran Skogen – Co-creator
Thorolf Thuestad – Co-creator
Festivals (5)
Festival VIA March 22, 2012
Festival Exit March 8, 2012
Herzliya Biennial October 13, 2011
Fabbrica Europa May 5, 2011
Shanghai Biennale Navember 1, 2010