Baldevin's Wedding

Baldwin's Wedding was a theatre production staged by The National Theatre in 1900, based on the play by Vilhelm Krag.

Olaf Mørch Hansson directed it.


(Objekt ID 15738)
Object type Production
Premiere Navember 20, 1900
Produced by The National Theatre
Based on Baldevin's Wedding by Vilhelm Krag
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Popular comedy
Running period Navember 21, 1900  
Website Nationaltheatret

Requirements to venue

Blackout No
Contributors (14)
Name Role
Vilhelm Krag – Playwright
Olaf Mørch Hansson – Direction
Jens Wang – Stage design
Sigurd Asmundsen – Actor (Snekker Hoppe, Luske-Ludvig i 1904)
Johanne Brun – Actor (Jomfru Bertelsen i 1904)
Alma Fahlstrøm – Actor (Madam Salvesen i 1900)
Hilda Fredriksen – Actor (Madam Sørensen)
Fredrik Garmann – Actor (Snekker Hoppe, Luske-Ludvig i 1900)
Signe Grieg-Müller – Actor (Jomfru Bertelsen)
Signe Grieg-Müller – Actor (Madam Salvesen i 1904)
Julie Lampe – Actor (Madam Sørensen)
Sophie Reimers – Actor (Jomfru Bertelsen i 1900)
Harald Stormoen – Actor (Simen Sørensen)
Hauk Aabel – Actor (Baldevin Jonassen)
Performance dates
February 6, 1904Hovedscenen – New opening
Navember 20, 1900Hovedscenen – Opening night