Shaken and stirred

Shaken and stirred (2003) was coproduced by Klomadu Theatre and Tema Theatre. Shaken and stirred is a Shakespeare sampling for three women about greed and desire for power.

In King John Shakespeare writes about commodity as "the bias of the world". Based in these words Tema Theatre and Klomadu Theatre has made a production about the sisters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia (known from King Lear).


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Object type Production
Premiere 2003
Produced by Klomadu Theatre, Tema Theatre
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre
Running period 2003  
Duration 75 minutes
Website Klomadu Teater, Tema Teater

Shaken and stirred by Klomadu Theatre and Tema Theatre has sampled text from different William Shakespeare works and is about the three sisters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. They stand closely together, with their lives, games and betrayals interwoven, they guard each other but are at the same time captured in the webs of the others. In the coproduction by Klomadu Theatre and Tema Theatre the issue is: "How far is the human willing to go to satisfy own needs?"

Between the actions the acting is broken up by a prologue, interludes and an epilogue. Three actresses come together to perform a play and comment their own experience of it as it goes.

Shaken and stirred was performed during The Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer and in festival called Fritt Fram in Hamar. It has toured Gjøvik, Biri, Hamar, Kongsvinger and Elverum among other places.


Performing Arts Hub Norway, 14.12.2010,

Klomadu Theatre, 14.12.2010,

Tema Theatre, 14.12.2010,

Name Role
William Shakespeare – Playwright
Linn Meyer Kongshavn – Direction
Nathalie Rey – Choreography
Gunnar Jess – Music
Gunhild Nymoen – Dramaturge
Svein Gundersen (teater) – Stage design
Helen Rønningsbakken – Costume design
Gunnar Jess – Sound design
Trond Sørlundsengen – Lighting design
Nina Engelund – Actor (Regan)
Karen Høie – Actor (Gonerill)
Gro Ann Uthaug – Actor (Cordelia)
Gro Ann Uthaug – Producer
Performance dates
2003 – Opening night
Press coverage

Keith Brown, Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift nr. 2/2003 [Oslo]:
"Even better was the restless, many-sided intelligence of the performance, totally in the spirit of Shakespeare. The play is not just some kind of dance of complicated sibling emotions. The continuously successful use of Shakespeare sequences in unusual contexts conjured afterthought, as did a feminist kind of humour regularly spicing up the emotional arias of the sisters."

Kristin Søhoel, date unknown, Gudbrandsdalen Dagningen:
"The play is presented as a fairytale, a theatre game in which the actresses frolic in, exit and enter the text, so that Shakespeare’s interwoven text seems to be theatre in the theatre. The production is a playful and colourful theatre experience."

Writer and date unknown, Teaternett:
"The sampling was nicely incorporated into the action [...] The scene where Cordelia finds out that Regan is attracted to her coming husband, conveys a kind of charged seriousness."

Writer and date unknown, Oppland Arbeiderblad:
"It is easy to reflect the action in modern times. It became a beautiful tragedy."

Writer and date unknown, Hamar Arbeiderblad:
"The actors play on all emotions, with voice, body and mimic, and we who watch are spellbound."