Dunderfot og frøken Sky* (Thunderfoot and Miss Shy)

Dunderfot og frøken sky* (Thunderfoot and Miss Shy) (2007) by Grenland Friteater was directed towards the youngest school children. In the play the audience met Dunderfot (a name meaning more or less Thunderfoot) and Miss Sky (a name that can mean Miss Shy as well as Miss Cloud). Both of them were poetic as well as clown-like creatures.

*Not yet translated into English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 1142)
Object type Production
Premiere 2007
Produced by Grenland Friteater
Audience Children, Young children (from 3 to 10)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Performance for children, Physical theatre, Jester Theatre, Song, Dance
Running period 2007  
Website Grenland Friteater

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 5m
Minimum stage depth 4m
Minimum stage height 3m
Blackout No
Rigging time 45 minutes
Downrigging time 15 minutes
Audience 100

The always eager Dunderfot and the more introvert Miss Sky offered a show, a show developing into a story about playing and friendship. But not everything went according to plan. Dunderfot and Miss Sky fell out of their friendship, and became enemies. How can two enemies go back to being friends?

Dunderfot og frøken sky by Grenland Friteater was built around song and dance, nursery rhymes and riddles (old and new), juggling tricks and pranks in which interaction with the audience played an important role.

Source: DTS, danseogteatersentrum.no, 18.08.2010, http://www.danseogteatersentrum.no/sck/members.shtml?lang=nor&sam=&cat=&gen=&cou=&cri=grenland%20friteater&aid=18&prid=29&act=prod

Contributors (9)
Name Role
Lars Vik – Direction
Maria Løkken – Actor
Tobias Vik – Actor
Dag Jenssen – Photo
Malin Bratlie – Director’s assistant
Mette Kristensen – Producer
Jonas Borgan Olsen (from 2009 to 2011) – Producer
Mette Hilsen – Assistant
Agnar Ribe – Assistant
Performance dates
2007 Worldwide premiere
Press coverage

"The children laughed so the roof lifted." (2007, 29.06). Harstad Tidende