White/Spot is an example on how tg.performance.ritual creates situations and performances in which the form is inspired by the ritual through the naïve, simple and sentimental in meeting with more urban types of expression such as concerts, happenings, performance and site-specific works.


(Objekt ID 1121)
Object type Production
Premiere 2007
Produced by Kingsworks
Audience Adults (from 16)
Language Norwegian
Keywords Performance
Running period 2007  
Website Danse- og teatersentrum, tg performance ritual

Requirements to venue

Minimum stage width 5m
Maximum stage width 10m
Minimum stage depth 5m
Maximum stage depth 10m
Minimum stage height 3m
Maximum stage height 5m
Downrigging time 60 minutes
Audience 7

White/Spot by tg.performance.ritual was an interactive performance work inviting to conversation on several levels, interactive and indirect, about the possible change of icons and what they symbolise and mean today. Short sound images, text fragments and short movement sequences take place in a landscape, a room into which the spectator is eventually invited.

In White/Spot the performer moves on a scale from non-acting, that is, an everyday-like, direct approach, to distanced sliding into the image in the room. The different layers of creating images and interactivity finds inspiration in rituals, lectures, concert effects et al. The room is continually changing through and between every performance. The focus is multidisciplinary and the artist, Tone Gellein, is responsible for all aspects of the work: The room, sound, costume, text and performance.

The performance was part of the performing arts festival Showbox 2007. Maximum number of spectators for White/Spot: 7.


The Norwegian Association of Performing Arts/NAPA, 20.12.2010, http://www.danseogteatersentrum.no/sck/members.shtml?lang=nor&sam=&cat=&gen=&cou=&cri=tg%20performance%20ritual%20&aid=113&prid=8&act=prod

tg performance ritual, 20.12.2010, http://www.tonegellein.com/index.php?/white-spot/white-spot-2007/

Contributors (10)
Name Role
Tone Gellein – Text
Tone Gellein – Direction
Tone Gellein – Music
Tone Gellein – Stage design
Tone Gellein – Costume
Tone Gellein – Sound design
Tone Gellein – Performer
Tone Gellein – Photo
Tone Gellein – Technician
Tone Gellein – Producer
Performance dates
2007 Worldwide premiere