Julestemning - fra samfunnets utstøtte

Original titleMorgenstemning - fra samfunnets utstøtte
Produced byBergen Byspill Theatre Group, Apropos Theater
AudienceYouth, Adults, Children (from 6 to 100)
ExpressionsTheatre, Physical theatre, Christmas Production
Duration45 minutes
WebsiteStiftelsen Bergen Byspill — Apropos teater - Bergen Byspill - Teaterskole - Teaterhus

About Julestemning - fra samfunnets utstøtte

Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society by Bergen Byspill Theatre Group- Apropos Theatre was based on the report På randen av å Bo (literally: On the verge of living) from the Uni Rokkan Centre for research. The production was also inspired by Hugo by Simen Sætre (2007) and the plays by Henrik Ibsen. All the text is found in plays by Ibsen.

Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society was about two homeless persons a cold December morning. They both long for another life, but the yearning for freedom is as strong. They are pulled between loneliness and sharing, between despair and hope. They are torn between the flight of substance use and sober realism.

Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society was performed several times for school children, professionals, politicians, researchers and homeless people in Bergen.

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    More about Julestemning - fra samfunnets utstøtte

    On its webpage Bergen Byspill Theatre Group writes the following about Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society:

    In Apropos Teater/Bergen Byspill Theatre Group initiated collaboration with the research centre Uni Rokkan Centre in Bergen about research-based theatre.

    The collaboration resulted in the production Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society, which is an artistic/scientific pioneering project about homelessness and the processes behind becoming an outcast in today’s Norway. The project was based on social research done by Uni Rokkan Centre in Bergen and other research and literature on the same subject.

    Aided by physical theatre, a good story and the possibility for conversation after the performance, Bergen Byspill Theatre Group offers the same performance under the title of Julestemning – fra samfunnets utstøtte (literally: Christmas Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society).

    • In research as well as the theatre performance the homeless are taken seriously and their diverse, dramatic stories are given room to be told.
    • The troubles the homeless meet in their lives are many, heartbreaking and illuminate disparities and paradoxes the modern consumer and well-fare society exhibits.
    • They expose vulnerability in meeting a rather insensitive bureaucracy and a help system focused on rehabilitation and normalising. But sometimes they also meet understanding, respect and solidaric care.
    • The care and respect balance some of the loneliness and shame they are subjected to.
    • Most important is the art many homeless demonstrate: Survival through the art of balance. A fixed divide between us and them is neither real nor of any use. For every outcast at least ten are on the verge, and nobody can know when one falls.

    The production is appropriate for anyone between 6 and 110 years old.

    It has been performed for hundreds of school children in Bergen through The Cultural Rucksack, and for adults at different occasions – followed by discussions. Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society has opened for a more open dialogue with a wider and new audience (researchers, politicians, social workers, the everyman and more).

    In 2008 Bergen Byspill Theatre Group performed an English-language version of Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society for approximately 40 poverty researchers from all over the world in Bergen. In May 2009 the company did the same for the international conference for street papers (arranged by Megafon, Bergen), with representatives from all over the world.

    The autumn of 2008 Morning Mood – from the Non-Pillars of Society was performed as basis for a debate connected to two professional conferences about homelessness in Bergen. Prior to this Bergen Byspill Theatre Group performed the production during the festival Brosteinsfestivalen in the church Korskirken in Bergen – with many of the clients of The Church City Mission present. The performance was last shown during the local Bergen event marking the European Year for fighting poverty.

    Source: Bergen Byspill Theatre Group, bergenbyspill.no, 11.01.2011, http://www.bergenbyspill.no/bergenbyspill1.htm