Style is King

Premiére date22 Aug. 1998
Produced byBaktruppen
Number of events5
ExpressionsDance, Hip hop, Post-dramatic theatre, Performance, Multidisciplinary, Exhibition
Running period22 Aug. 1998  —  17 Oct. 1999

About Style is King

Style is King (1998 and 1999) by Baktruppen consisted of two events by the same title.

Respect/Style is King was an international graffiti exhibition in UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund/Young Artists Association) in Oslo in 1998, sponsored by Baktruppen with Atomic B-boys, Tommy-T, Sean, Bates, Lucky Skrilla prod., Warlocks, a.m..

Style is King also was an international hip hop event in 1999 with graffiti, rap, break from The Bronx to Oslo in Stretch an G9, Brenneriveien, Oslo.

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More about Style is King

Style is King by Baktruppen was based on hip hop culture.

Springing out from the graffiti exhibition Style is king 98 in Unge Kunstneres Samfund (Young Artists Association) and Baktruppens Groruddal based play Spect, Baktruppen made a step forward and presented the different levels of hip hop culture on the terms of hip hop culture itself.

Style is King 1999 had participators from USA (Wane, Dash, Sebar, Persue, Virus), Denmark (Bates, Side), Sweden (Tariq), Norway (Goal, Coderock, Pay2, Sean). Rappers: Petter (Sweden), Pen Jakke (Norway), plus various artists from Tee Production.

The main emphasis was on some of the leading graffiti artists of the world, but also breaking (dance), DJs and rap was given room in an event during which Baktruppen also presented its own production Spect.

The live art/performance company Baktruppen’s project Style is King 99 was an interdisciplinary event with activists from Norwegian and international hip hop.

This was the most expansive hip hop event in Oslo ever, and a social experiment in which Baktruppen and hip hop were presented separately and together, in sliding transition.

Style is King was supported by Levis, Sprite, Stress, Signex, Montana, N.A.F., Writers Bench, Strykejernet Artschool AS and The Audio Visual Fund.


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