(Objekt ID 102793)
Object type Production
Premiere January 30, 1919
Produced by The National Stage
Based on Bartonmysteriet by Louis Verneuil, Georges Berr
Audience Adults
Number of events 18
Language Norwegian
Expressions Theatre, Crime, Comedy
Running period January 30, 1919  
Contributors (14)
Name Role
Georges Berr – Playwright
Louis Verneuil – Playwright
Karl Bergmann – Direction
Sverre Dahl (skues.) – Actor (Richard Standish)
Aagot Ekeby – Actor (Fru Marshall)
Hjalmar Fries – Actor (Jimmy)
Grace Grung – Actor (Alice Grey, Alices søster)
William Ivarson – Actor (Beverly)
Doris Johannessen – Actor (Ethel, Standish's hustru)
Tryggve Larssen – Actor (O'Mara, Standish's sekretær)
Sverre Næss – Actor (Harry Maitland, Alices forlovede)
Wilhelm Rosendahl – Actor (Charles, tjener hos Standish)
Torborg Schønberg – Actor (Fru Barton)
Lorentz Thyholdt – Actor (Edward Marshall)
Performance dates
January 30, 1919Store Scene, The National Stage – Opening night