På veg TeStiklestad* (Going to Testiclestad)

Premiére date6 Aug. 2020
Produced byDet Nye Teateret
ExpressionsTheatre, Historical play, Show, Comedy, Corona-production, Digital production

About På veg TeStiklestad* (Going to Testiclestad)

På veg TeStiklestad* (Going to Testiclestad) (2020) was a digital theatre production by Det Nye Teateret, based on a text by Mads Bones and Olve Løseth, to music by Kyrre Havdal. The production was livestreamed from Det Nye Teateret in Trondheim, without an audience in the auditorium, due to the Corona pandemic. It was performed thrice, August 6, 7 and 8 2020.

The same team has arranged the historical spectacle parody Slaget på Testiklestad* (The battle of Testiclestad) over several years. På veg TeStiklestad deals with the time leading up to the battle.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning. Stiklestad is the place for an important battle in Norwegian history, where Olav II Haraldson (later Saint Olav) fell in 1030.

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Performance dates

  • 8 Aug. 2020 - View
  • 7 Aug. 2020 - View
  • 6 Aug. 2020 - Opening night
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