Nede med flagget til topps* (Down with the flag raised high)

Nede med flagget til topps* (Down with the flag raised high) (2020) was a digital theatre production by Det Nye Teateret. Nede med flagget til topps was based on a text by Mads Bones and Olve Løseth, with  music by Kyrre Havdal. The production was a live-streamed theatre production performed just once, May 17 2020. It was recorded from Det Nye Teateret in Trondheim, without an audience in the auditorium, due to the Corona pandemic.

Mads Bones directed it.

Silje Lundblad played the role of Mayor Rita.

Nede med flagget til topps was the first production by Det Nye Teateret in Trondheim.

*Not yet translated into the English. The title within parentheses is the Norwegian title's literal meaning.


(Objekt ID 102750)
Object type Production
Premiere May 17, 2020
Produced by Det Nye Teateret
Language Norwegian
Keywords Theatre, Digital production, Galla, Corona-production


Det Nye Teateret on Facebook,, 26.07.2020, and

Eventim,, 26.07.2020,

Contributors (15)
Name Role
Mads Bones – Script
Olve Løseth – Script
Mads Bones – Songlyrics
Mads Bones – Direction
Halvor Hoem – Direction (bilderegi)
Martha Standal – Choreography
Kyrre Havdal – Musical direction
Kyrre Havdal – Composer
Gjermund Andresen – Stage design
Christina Lovery – Costume
Ingrid Skanke Høsøien – Lighting design
Tore Thorvaldsen Sandbakken – Musician
Morten Berger Stai – Musician
Hans Petter Vik Sæther – Musician
Maria Abelsen – Makeup
Performance dates
May 17, 2020 Worldwide premiere