Spor - Svalbard Movements

Spor - Svalbard Movements (2020) is a performing arts production by Visjoner Teater, based on an idea by Juni Dahr. Spor - Svalbard Movemenst had its world premiere in Taubanesentralen in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

The production was directed by Juni Dahr and Oda Radoor.

The Norwegian word "spor" means "traces".


(Objekt ID 101239)
Object type Production
Premiere June 10, 2020
Produced by Visjoner Teater
Audience Adults
Language Norwegian
Keywords Musical theatre, Corona-production, Site spesific performance
Running period June 10, 2020  
Website facebook, VISJONER TEATER

At its Facebook page, Visjoner Teater writes the following, among other things, about Spor - Svalbard Movements:

"Spor – Svalbard Movements is a performing arts project developed and created especially for the unique Taubanesentralen in Longyearbyen.

With this production, Visjoner Teater wants to promote several female characters who took part in establishing the Svalbard society. Their stories deserve to be emphasised when retelling Norwegian Arctic history.

The script has been developed freely based on stories and texts from interviews, diary entries, and books by and with Wanny Woldstad, Christiane Ritter, Ellen Dorthea Nøis, Bertine Johansen and Helge Ingstad.

Juni Dahr has been at Svalbard several times, doing research to develop the production. With the musicians Tore Brunborg and Per Oddvar Johansen, she has created a musical universe where female stories and fates step forth."


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Visjoner Teater, dahr.no, 10.06.2020, https://dahr.no/activity/spor-svalbard-movments-at-taubanesentralen/

Contributors (13)
Name Role
Juni Dahr – Script
Juni Dahr – Concept/Idea
Juni Dahr – Direction
Oda Radoor – Direction
Tore Brunborg – Composer
Per Oddvar Johansen – Composer
Oda Radoor – Dramaturge
Henrik Lethigangas – Sound
Kristine Sunde – Light
Juni Dahr – Actor
Tore Brunborg – Musician (Saxofon)
Per Oddvar Johansen – Musician (Slagverk)
Marianne Roland – Producer
Performance dates
October 27, 2022Norsk Maritimt Museum, Oslo Show
October 26, 2022Norsk Maritimt Museum, Oslo Show
March 29, 2022Norsk Maritimt Museum, Oslo Show
January 13, 2022Dovergubbens hall, Ibsenhuset, Skien Show
Navember 5, 2021SALT Art & Music, Oslo Fringe Show
Navember 4, 2021SALT Art & Music, Oslo Fringe Show
Navember 3, 2021SALT Art & Music, Oslo Fringe Show
Navember 2, 2021SALT Art & Music, Oslo Fringe Show
May 11, 2021R.E.D. Arena Show
May 9, 2021Ringebu prestegard Show
May 8, 2021Ringebu prestegard Show
June 10, 2020Taubanesentralen Worldwide premiere