Classic Culture Spa

A refreshing spa for your cultural senses

Classic Culture Spa by Samovarteateret (AKA The Samovar Theatre or Samovar) examined if scenic expressions and good food could bring health and work as a de-stressing factor in hectic daily life? This was one of the starting points for the production Classic Culture Spa. Performing artists from Norway, Russia, Finland and Lithuania were gathered in Kirkenes for six weeks to work together. Classic Culture Spa was founded in classic texts by writers such as Henrik Ibsen, Nikolai Gogol and Pablo Neruda.


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Object type Production
Premiere January 29, 2009
Produced by The Samovar Theatre
Audience All
Audience size 211
Number of events 3
Keywords Wandering Theatre, Music, Theatre, Dance
Running period January 29, 2009  —  January 31, 2009
Website Samovarteateret

Requirements to venue

Blackout No

Samovarteateret’s Classic Culture Spa was created as wandering theatre. The audience was split into two groups and led around to different locations in the old swimming hall. Acting took place outside the building, in corridors and the gym hall before everyone was gathered inside the venue Scene 2. Here the last part of the performance was presented. At the very end the audience was led into the café of Scene 2, which was decorated and with the tables made for the audience. They were served delicious small plates to live classical music. The wondering of Samovarteatret whether such an afternoon could give people an experience of calm and wellbeing the same way as the more well-known kind of spa was confirmed by a satisfied audience.  

The opening took place in 2009 during the festival Barents Spektakel.

The production Classic Culture Spa was financed by Arts Council Norway, the municipality of Sør-Varanger, Nordic Culture Fund (Nordic Council of Ministers office in Lithuania’s fund Sleipnir plus voluntary, non-paid work from Samovarteateret.

Idea and production: Samovarteateret AKA The Samovar Theatre or just Samovar.

Source: The annual report of Samovarteateret 2009, 15.12.2010,

Contributors (8)
Name Role
Thor-Inge Gullvåg – Direction
Niels Aage Windberg Jensen – Lighting design
Bente S. Andersen – Actor
Frank Jørstad – Actor
Kathrine Kolgrov – Actor
Nikolay Shchetnev – Dancer
Odd Aune – Stage manager
Odne H. Stunes – Producer
Performance dates
January 29, 2009 Opening night